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HOW TO DECIPHER AVL, MRM, M2M – common terms in GPS tracking

Over the past years fleet tracking has been gaining more and more popularity. At the same time the industry has seen a number of terms appeared to describe how to do it:

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) – a general term used to describe tracking vehicles or any high-dollar asset that is taken into the field, such as ruggedized laptops or other expensive equipment.

Mobile Resource Management (MRM) – means exactly the same as AVL, the term "Mobile Resource Management" appeared when it became obvious that not only vehicles could be automatically located. The term is sometimes connected with Mobile Workforce Management.

Machine to Machine (M2M) – a coined term describing automated tracking that doesn’t involve human effort. For example, in geo-tracking, a mobile device is connected wirelessly with a server, that only signals if the tracked machine changes its assigned itinerary or violates certain limits.


AVL serves as a great tool in controlling your expenses and ensuring compliance. With the help of technology, hardware and software you are can monitor each vehicle in particular and the whole fleet in general enhancing efficiency of your business. MRM enables you to get such information as:

  • Actual routes taken
  • Fuel consumption
  • Materials consumption such as sand, de-icing chemicals, etc.
  • Personnel activity in the field


Fleet management is for companies or organizations of any size who put assets and personnel in the field.

  • Many government entities have instituted AVL to show accountability and ensure public safety
  • Energy and Utility companies are using MRM to make sure their personnel and assets are safe and to control costs and ensure compliance
  • Companies of all sizes who provide delivery or other field service are able to provide route efficiency and cut labor costs