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About Technology Services Company

Technology Services Company (TSC) was founded in 2004 by Laurence Klem and was built around the award winning Networkfleet, Fleet GPS Tracking and Remote Diagnostic system. Since its inception TSC has enjoyed geometric growth and has provided tremendous value to their client base.

TSC uses a three pronged approach to its business relationships – Product, Support & Price. We provide the recognized best product with the highest customer Return-On-Investment (ROI). When we couple that with unsurpassed client support and offer it at the best price, TSC expects growth to continue to exceed expectations.

Our clients locations range from Wilmington DE to Honolulu HI, Canada to South FL proving our ability to support our clients' needs from installation and training, to after sales support and best practices consulting regardless of thier physical location. Our biggest source of new business is from glowing referrals that come from existing clients.

In 2005, TSC continued growth included incorporation under LPK Enterprises, Inc. In July of 05 TSC was awarded Preferred Vendor status from the NEXSTAR Network. This partnership has provided great value to NEXSTAR members and nationwide exposure for TSC.

In 2007, our growth and ability to support our partners continued to expand with the award of Platinum Partner status from Networkfleet, Inc.