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Asset Guard

Apart from vehicles there may be additional assets in your fleet that enhance your business. With Asset Guard you can determine the exact location of your trailers, sheds, generators, and more in a matter of minutes.

A small GPS device installed on each of your assets will provide constant tracking and communication. On top of that you will receive regular reports and alerts, which will help pinpoint any problems and address them immediately. There is no special software, no wired antennas but only long-lasting lithium batteries to guarantee excellent field reliability.

Rugged and dependable, Asset Guard includes:

  • Sealed enclosure (IP67) to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Exceptional cellular and GPS quality
  • A large long-life 57-Ahr lithium battery
  • Highly sensitive GPS (-162 dBm) tracking
  • Built-in motion sensor


Asset Guard is preset to automatically send one location notification per asset per day. If you need to move fleet assets more often, you can customize configuration options to receive notifications as often as every 15 minutes.