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There are many reasons your fleet expenses remain high – excessive fuel consumption, idling, unauthorized usage and costly service. But the worst part is that you are unable to control them. In this case a fleet management system is the solution that will make your drivers more responsible on the one hand and enhance your business by cutting annual fuel costs on the other hand.

Apart from that, Technology Service Company's solution monitoring virtually all the data of a given vehicle, from speeding to malfunctioning of the engine, therefore guaranteeing timely service and cultivating safe driving habits. With TSC you will significantly lower fuel costs and improve overall efficiency of your fleet.


The following six steps will demonstrate how you can benefit from the data provided by your GPS tracking systems:


Idling is one of those line items that cannot be easily controlled until now. Unnecessary idling literally burns your money. In good running condition and without the A/C running a standard V8 will burn roughly a gallon of fuel an hour and in the process release over 20 lbs. of greenhouse gases. To address this issue TSC suggests the following solutions:

  • Idle Time Alerts. Automatically notify managers when any vehicle in your fleet idles over a designated period of time.
  • Idle Time Alert Reports. Provide a summary of all idle time alerts that were triggered over a given time period, helping you determine which vehicles are driving up costs through excessive idling.
  • Idle Time Reports. Provide a big-picture overview of your fleet's idling performance – by vehicle or group of vehicles – over a designated time period. Analyzing idling trends over time makes it easy to identify potential areas for improvement.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy fuel consumption dramatically increases at speeds above 50 mph. Every 5 mph over 50 mph adds another $0.25 per gallon for gas. Thus, driving 70 mph – a common speed on many freeways – equals extra $1 per gallon your vehicle consumes. Monitoring speeding data allows developing a culture of slower driving resulting in lower fuel expenses and better drivers' behaviour at the same time.

  • Speeding Alerts. Automatically alert managers when a vehicle exceeds a given speed. The ability to set speeding thresholds by vehicle, location, and other parameters provides flexibility in monitoring and managing driver behavior.
  • Speed Reports. List all violations over pre-determined thresholds for a quick snapshot of frequent violators, including when and where the violations occur. Flexible reporting features make it easy to compare month-to-month results to identify strategies for improvement.


Despite most businesses' policies concerning private use of Corporate vehicles. Unfortunately some employees will potential break this rule. Just knowing that the vehicles are monitored with TSC solution will have a positive impact on this potential liability issue. To eliminate odd-hours operation of your fleet check daily routes and vehicle stops with the help of TSC. Reducing unauthorized usage of your fleet will reduce fuel costs, wear and tear on vehicles and the possibility of an accident involving company assets. Here are the reporting options to choose from:

  • Odd-Hours Use and Geofence Alerts. Automatically alert managers when vehicles are being used during preset time frames, and when vehicles enter or exit prohibited areas.
  • Geofence Violation Report. Review summary data to determine when vehicles entered or exited an unauthorized area. Managers can use the data to remind drivers of company policies regarding personal vehicle use.
  • Begin/End-of-Day Report. Analyze the starting and ending location of every vehicle in your fleet to identify and coach drivers who continually violate personal-use policies.


Optimizing routes is one more way to save on fuel as it implies that your vehicle will spend less time on the road. Thanks to its elaborated mapping technologies, the system automatically finds the best itinerary to the location and helps your dispatchers direct your vehicles more efficiently. Moreover, together with a Garmin device, it also provides you with constant communication with drivers, allowing instant route changes and alterations.


Fuel consumption depends to a large extent on the working condition of the engine. To prolong assets usable life and to reduce fuel consumption. You need to know that a fault exists allowing you can repair any malfunctions in a timely. Thanks to TSC's various diagnostic capabilities our solutions will warn your fleet manager to Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) present in near real time.

  • Monitor diagnostic trouble codes. Advance warning of engine trouble lets you fix small problems before they become big ones.
  • Monitor idle time, speed, and fuel usage. Engine alerts and reports help identify areas to improve fuel efficiency.
  • Receive regular odometer alerts. Keep engines in top shape by performing preventive maintenance on time.
  • Continuously track emission levels. Monitor excessive emissions to identify possible engine problems that can lower fuel efficiency.


High fuel costs may be also determined by unauthorized fuel purchases causing your budget problems. To prevent any fraud in this area leverage the tools provided by a GPS vehicle tracking system:

  • Fuel Cards. Make it easy to track the time, location and amount of all fleet fuel purchases.For example, TSC's system teams with WEX, a leading provider of fuel cards, to help fleet managers gain more control over their fuel costs.
  • Fuel Usage Reports. Help verify fuel purchases with driver reports by showing detailed information regarding all fuel transactions.

Technology Services Company offers two fuel usage reports. The Fuel Transaction Report shows all fuel purchase details including location, gallons, and total cost. The Fuel Guard Report compares the location and time of the purchase with the vehicle location, to identify potential fraud events. Both give you greater control over individual fuel purchases and overall fleet spending patterns.


Installing TSC's system you improve fuel efficiency and cut costs. Moreover, using a GPS tracking system does not just help achieve fuel savings, combined with your company's policies and guidelines it creates a culture of transparency and accountability among your employees thus allowing you to better control expenses for your business.