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Roadside Assistance

What can be worse for your fleet-based business than unexpected breakdowns? Our Roadside Assistance plan was designed specifically for such emergencies. Should it happen to your fleet, rest assured that you will receive our urgent help.

What is more, you will be provided with roadside assistance for no extra-fee. Through contracted service providers, vehicles covered under the plan can benefit from the following services:


If one of your vehicles breaks down, we'll have it towed up to 25 miles from the point of breakdown to the nearest service provider or driver-specified location.

  • Additional miles will incur a fee paid directly to the service provider.
  • Trailer towing (attached or unattached) is a separate service event and will incur additional charges.
  • Accident-related towing is not covered.


We help locked-out drivers gain entry to their vehicles.

  • Vehicle must be at an accessible location.
  • Locksmith service does not include the cost of keys, parts, or additional labor beyond gaining entry to the vehicle.
  • Convertible vehicles cannot be unlocked, and must be towed.


If your battery dies, we'll jump-start your vehicle and/or perform minor mechanical adjustments to get it going again.

  • Hybrid vehicles are ineligible for the plan's battery boost service and will be towed.


When a vehicle suffers a blowout or flat, we'll replace it with the vehicle's spare tire.

  • One tire change per service visit.
  • More than one flat tire or the absence of a spare will require towing the vehicle to a service location.
  • Fixing or patching the flat tire is not included.


We'll deliver up to three gallons of fuel to a vehicle that runs out of gas. If necessary, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest gas station.

  • Our plan covers delivery of the fuel only. The cost of the fuel must be paid directly to the service provider.
  • If more than three gallons are needed, the service provider will make arrangements to tow the vehicle to the nearest gas station.
  • When requesting this service, the caller must specify either unleaded or diesel fuel.


Vehicles stuck on ice or in mud or snow on a normally traveled roadway will be extracted during safe conditions. We can provide winch service from up to 100 ft. off the roadway.


We can even help in the event of a theft. If a vehicle is stolen, immediately:

  • Contact the local authorities to report the vehicle lost or stolen.
  • Contact Networkfleet at 1.866.227.7323. Press "2" and provide the following information:
    • Police report number and name of the police division
    • Officer's contact name
    • Police division telephone number

Our Roadside Assistance representative will contact the officer handling the case to provide the vehicle's location information. Service is available to all vehicles licensed for operation on public roads and equipped with a Networkfleet device*. The plan includes up to four of the above services per vehicle, per calendar year. Plus, our Auto Call-Back feature automatically calls you to verify the job has been completed.

*Excludes vehicles using Asset Tracking service and/or Yellow Iron equipment.